I was approached by Paul Russell, the technical director at Shakespeares Globe Theatre for this commission.
Having already photographed the new Sam Wannamaker Playhouse at Shakespeares Globe I was chosen to shoot it's recreation for the West End at the Duke of York Theatre.
With the only lights being candle light, this was technically very challenging. Firstly, using my technical camera to stitch several images together for the perfect architectural interiors composition. Then using long exposures to get the right exposure. All without loosing the detail in the highlights.
Really difficult process in a situation where I couldn't see my camera in the darkness. We had to use the iphone light alot to see what I was doing. Shooting tethered to the laptop, it was fun to see the results coming up on the screen.
This is a situation where 16bit colour rendition is paramount. Together with no unwanted colour casts with movements from the medium format digital chip. It's amazing how much detail the camera could see.
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