30 St Mary Axe, London
Foster & Partners

Better known as the 'Gerkin', 30 St Mary Axe was a one-off career changing shoot.

I had access during construction as well as access at all hours when completed. This enabled me to shoot the top restaurant and bar in the middle of the night in June so we were able to experience dawn breaking.

The quality light this delivered helped me capture a collection of images which tested my compositional sensitivity as well as my fill in lighting skills. There were great shots everywhere, it can send you into abit of a panic as the light is changing all the time. The pressure is to decide what to take as each shot took approx 30mins to set up with extra lights. This was in the time of film (5x4) so I was sweating and shooting approx five sheets + three polaroids per shot.

We worked from 3am to 8.30am and then returned at dusk to shoot the reception area. Just one day's work set off a multitude of commissions.

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